Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is the process of utilizing the Internet and social media in order to increase the awareness of a product or brand. Social media can generate a viral effect, where a company, brand or product can generate tons of exposure at minimal cost and sometimes even for free.

Social media optimization involves the following; RSS Feeds, Social bookmarking websites, Social Media Websites, Blogging sites and Video sites. Social media’s ultimate goal is much like Search Engine Optimization. The overall goal is to generate additional traffic to an intended website or webpage. The difference comes from the outlets that social media optimization uses.

Why Should You Even Care About Social Media Optimization?

Well, mainly because social media features some of the most visited websites on the Internet. Because social media features some of the most visited websites in the world, it is often a better way to achieve increased traffic than traditional search engine optimization. You can appeal to a certain segment of people, and you would likely be able to reach other similar people due to their related interests. Social media can be leveraged to create an ultra targeted campaign. You should be able to acquire specified criteria and target a segment of people on social media.

It is also becoming increasingly important to have a strong social media optimization and presence in order to achieve optimal search engine results. This is because popular search engines are increasingly using social media as a way to help rank pages and websites. The basic premise is if a page is “liked” or “shared” then it is a vote of confidence by the general public as to the webpage or websites quality. This means that it will increase the likelihood of search engines ranking the webpage or website high.

Research shows that Facebook a social media website is by far the number one place where users share content online. Facebook holds over 38% of the market of social sharing. For this reason, a business owner must understand the importance of optimizing it’s Facebook and Social Media strategy. It is a huge way to get new eyes on a certain brand, product or service. You can gain a significant amount of traffic through a properly planned and executed social media marketing strategy. By implementing social media into your online marketing mix, you should be able to attract tons of new potential customers relatively easy.

Finally, when you are determining whether or not to implement social media optimization, the choice is clear. In today’s online marketing climate, you have to understand the importance that social media plays. You must account for this, and develop an effective Internet marketing approach. Social Media Optimization plays a huge role in determining the perceived quality of a webpage or website by the search engines. For this reason alone, it is extremely important. However, social media are also a great way to expose your webpage or website to thousands of people with one click of the button.